We’ll have an intro session in which we discuss your current context. Considering your specific situation, we’ll decide the best option: a one-off session, a program or a package.

Can you just give me quick advice?

Yes! Most of my mentees have questions that are blocking them from starting. The One-off sessions are the best for these. We’ll have a 60-minute call in which I will clarify all of them and you leave with clear next steps to be taken.

I’m completely lost. Where do I start?

You’re not alone, and the Programs are the best for your case. Programs are a group of sessions in which we work together for a few weeks. We have clear and practical goals, and you end the program with clear targets and tools.

Do you do resume reviews?

Yes, resume and LinkedIn reviews, and rewriting them, if needed. I offer Packages for all these services.



Unfortunately, I don’t do job hunting. I can help you define your strategy, map the best companies and job boards to apply for, and prepare for the coming interviews. My approach makes you autonomous during your job search.

Do you offer group sessions?

Yes! I build group sessions specifically for your needs (usually for companies) and offer pre-made courses for companies and job seekers.

Learn more?

Let’s have a chat!

Email me at hello@gabrieladeluca.com or book an intro call!

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