Talent Acquisition is a two-way street embracing job seekers and talent acquisition teams. No matter where you are, you will find the help you need here!

"The best recruiter I’ve worked with."

Hiring Manager at 10K+ employees company

"Gabi is incredibility insightful and possesses a high degree of empathy which allows her to understand and quickly grasp the problem at hand."

Head of People and Culture at a startup

"Gabi has a way of understanding where you are in your career and advising what steps you can take to get to that next level. She is a great listener and ideator who makes good suggestions. It was great to have someone to talk to who is on your side."

Job seeker and mentee



Training, Employer Brand, Sourcing, Compensation Philosophy, or the whole strategy. I can support your team from strategic advice to in-company training or hands-on collaboration.

Want to learn more about my Talent Acquisition philosophy?



Get support at any stage of your job search: from setting up your search to negotiating your salary.

Talent Acquisition Philosophy

Three pillars to advise, design, implement and improve.



Everything I do and advise is considering that we’re all humans. Especially during the job search experience, our nerves are all over the place. My approach to mentoring and consulting takes this into consideration above anything else. That’s why I always offer pro bono 30 minutes.



Talent Acquisition is a technical expertise and recruiting journeys are processes. When we’re able to recognize patterns and be critical about them is when we can build systems with justice. I use data parameters and analytical skills to build tools for candidates and companies - and assess if they work.



Talent Acquisition and Job Search don’t have to be complicated. With the right support, we can uncover the most important pillars and focus on

Let’s take the budget out of our way. I’ll email you whenever I am available to schedule a 30-minute mentoring call FOR FREE!


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